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Definition of turgid:

  1. Distended beyond the natural state by some internal agent or expansive force; swelled; swollen; bloated; inflated; tumid; - especially applied to an enlarged part of the body; as, a turgid limb; turgid fruit.
  2. Swelling in style or language; vainly ostentatious; bombastic; pompous; as, a turgid style of speaking.


rotund, puffed, big, enlarged, inflated, gusty, puffy, bloated, with child, pear-shaped, erect, unhealthy, overblown, increase, intumescent, bouffant, grandiloquent, round, prominent, enceinte, windy, expectant, gravid, plain, swollen, purple, great, bombastic, heavy, tumescent, large, orotund, tumid, declamatory, inflated, magnanimous, pompous, distended, rhetorical, flatulent.

Usage examples: