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Definition of turn:

  1. To make a turn about or around ( something); to go or pass around by turning; as, to turn a corner.


beat, puzzle out, round of drinks, eject, derange, playing period, taint, manoeuvre, shimmer, fleck, go game, collect, strain, knock over, call on, turning, hand, health, better, free, worm, flexure, figure, maturate, routine, second, bid, put out, defect, maneuver, function, cover, enactment, unfreeze, plait, upset, trance, number, fork, disorder, dull, chip, displease, level, flake, apostatize, charm, cut into, train, shift, caper, sour, debate, fun, consistently, criminal, ecstasy, submit, thrive, patch, deflect, flex, secrete, flip, subprogram, deteriorate, liberate, gaming, treat, avert, human activity, swordplay, flip over, romp, gimmick, turn away, get, twist around, refract, work, veer, unit of ammunition, duty tour, twist, let go, wax, play, hitch, tress, round, felon, turn over, do work, straight, deviation, bit, unloose, numeral, gyration, renegade, gambling, device, vary, orbit, pain, mould, kink, wrick, sport, overthrow, forge, apply, countermand, annul, circuit, crack, juncture, change form, piece, modus operandi, process, shepherd's crook, rescind, gyre, rise, magic spell, drama, form, discharge, transpose, wring, rotation, enlistment, spot, give, invert, twisting, pivot, phone number, address, rung, detour, aim, diverge, uprise, curve, bending, outlaw, crisis, arch, moot, period of play, pull, publish, acidulate, deviate, stoop, act, exercise, ferment, pass on, resign, daily round, bowl over, knead, sophisticate, frolic, repair, angle, snatch, bust, concentrate, round of golf, point, fold, regularly, divert, figure out, tour of duty, refer, contort, move around, one shot, gambol, stave, work on, revolution, dig, consider, tump over, make, writhe, pass, blunt, bout, produce, used, morsel, wrench, plow, cultivate, tergiversate, trust, surprise, change by reversal, human action, overturn, mo, dedicate, originate, influence, crop, mature, Plough, bend, magical spell, give up, identification number, hug drug, emergency, farm, seek, resort, distort, reach, crook, malefactor, deform, plication, troll, override, good turn, twine, repeal, agonize, exploit, buckle down, accomplishment, let go of, delve, fright, corner, enchantment, swing, spiral, direct, give offense to, operate, acidify, arc, come, warp, mutate, go, procedure, approach, change state, set, pervert, wreak, work out, lay, zero in, overrule, like, suit, deal, circulation, hook, handle, loose, turn back, bring out, change, expel, free rein, issue, run, rick, constantly, tour, subroutine, deed, repetition, construction, offend, offer, rhythm, devote, bring, mold, acquire, develop, travel, cast, bite, dramatic play, spring up, lick, desert, incline, crossing, sharp, unblock, put to work, toss, blow, telephone number, grow, crease, persuade, jolt, sprain, tear, become, squirm, climax, modify, scrap, make for, moment, move, rat, change shape, turn of events, unsettle, exhaust, cristal, bias, alter, circumvolve, crouch, tip over, acetify, solve, yield, disco biscuit, arise, shape, aid, focus, break down, wrestle, release, act upon, lift, crimp, winding, spell, relinquish, vacate, head, circle, child's play, while, unloosen, twirl, raise, binge, wriggle, revoke, bow, service, term of enlistment, reverse, braid, bend dexter, molder, minute, fling, deliberate, looseness.

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