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Definition of turn around:

Synonyms for turn around:

perk, setback, be able to do something, elate, associate, react, intoxicate, nab, get wind, policy change, discover, pounce, change of mind, sentimentalize, call for, pull off, swing around, reversion, pick up, find out, peck, turnabout, reversal, perk up, hive off, triumph, call it a day/night, lift up, clear, arrest, turnaround, manage, get through, hear, come back, volte-face, greet, conclude, complete, achieve, muse, collect, pick up on, get word, uplift, see, black eye, isolate, catch, finish with, come over, turn around and do something, succeed, end, get a line, flip-flop, gain vigor, blow, bring off, transposition, reverse, carry through, come together, cop, regard, accomplish, go by, about-face, wrap up, compartmentalize, swing about, apprehend, collar, nail, gather up, stand up, learn, respond, look, come to, attain, percolate, receive.