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Definition of turn on:

Synonyms for turn on:

get by, budge, cod, enkindle, interest, bestir, unhorse, force out, sex, consign, energize, awake, push, charge up, rout out, drive, hinge on, something isn't worth a plug/wooden nickel, bait, end up, assail, intrigue, waken, project, randy, send, turn, jaunt, kindle, activate, flare, lean on, stimulate, flick, temptation, dismount, mail, institutionalise, want, saddle, enthuse, shake, rely upon, spark off, arouse, devolve on, motivate, set on, burden, rally, brace, level, commit, fire, charge, send off, depend upon, lodge, travel, perk up, ride on, whatever turns you on, spark, hurl, appoint, go for, enticement, hinge upon, stir, accuse, speak of, institutionalize, fight, attract, fly, wind up, trigger off, call down, conjure up, begin, tantalise, not worth a damn, depend, light, shoot down, land up, stumble, coax, bring up, throw, inspire, ride, shake up, tease, trip, flash, try for, get out, trip out, sexy, capture someone's interest/imagination/attention, fling, trip up, sit, invoke, tune, go after, get down, trigger, wind, actuate, awaken, assault, on the pull, siren song, come alive, trust, fume, fetch up, pitch, allurement, groove, strain, storm, ambush, come-on, vex, disturb, try, blow up, depend on, drive out, tantalize, for what it's worth, foment, lob, wake up, provoke, strike at, finish, attempt, fire someone with enthusiasm, rely on, raise, rouse, twit, count on, elicit, dazzle, boat, press, hot, press for, load, stir up, crusade, aim, live off, raise up, frisky, let off/blow off steam, titillate, conjure, eject, control, switch on, energise, excite, blame, struggle, crank, strike, push for, fly at, evoke, attack, set off, toss, commove, hop out, file, seethe, finish up, point, let rip, erupt, shift, bank on, escape, razz, mount, desire, bill, campaign, get off, so much for something, touch off, not worth the paper it is written/printed on, strive, agitate, wake, taunt, get away, buck, work, mug, put forward, call forth, bear down, have/throw a fit, rag, excited, tear, engage, direct, shoot, come at, give vent to.