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Definition of turn out:

  1. Act of coming forth; an equipage; a quitting of employment, as by a body of workmen, on account of some grievance real or alleged; the net quality of produce yielded; by turns, one after another; alternately; to a turn, exactly; perfectly; to take turns, to take the places of one another alternately; to turn about, to move the face to another quarter, or in another direction; to turn a penny, to gain money by trade, however small the amount; to turn aside, to avert; to deviate fromany course; to turn away, to dismiss, as from service; to avert; to deviate from any cource; to turn down, to fold or double down; to turn in, to fold or double; in familiar language, to go to bed; to turn off, to dismiss or put away; to divert or change, as a course; to hang a criminal; to be turned of, to be advanced beyond; to be turned off, to be discharged, as a workman; to turn on, to charge or set running; to turn on or upon, to reply or retort; to turn out, to drive out; to expel; to strike, as workmen; to put to pasture; to make or finish for use, as goods; to rise from bed; to turn over, to transfer; to open and examine; to overset; to turn over a new leaf, to begin a fresh or a new course; to turn tail, to retreat ignominiously; to turn to, to have recourse to; to turn the back, to flee; to retreat; to turn the back upon, to quit with contempt; to forsake; to turn the head, to make giddy; to bewilder; to infatuate; to turn the scale, to make the balance incline to one side; to give superiority or success; to turn the stomach of, to sicken; to turn the tables, to reverse success or superiority; to turn the tables, to reverse success or superiority; to turn up, to bend or be doubled upwards; to come to light; to happen.


have, go around, brook, chase, wake, organize, come out, jump, organise, swot up, toss, expect, cram, push through, bug out, ignore, manufacture, stop, disperse, exclude, string out, roll out, flow from, eject, test, behave, throw away, clothe, tilt, write out, swerve, thin, go forth, exile, evict, burn, leaven, originate, give birth, come out of, turn up, conduct, geld, gussy up, try, deliver, become, come out of the closet, dismiss, come on, machinate, drive out, start, bar, churn out, banish, discharge, rebel, ascend, pop, rise up, dispose, sheer, build, turf out, place, attire, shut out, trick out, fling, take over, stick out, elevate, eventuate, complete, foreshorten, fall out, add up to, out, snub, trick up, contain, tog up, essay, result, carry, slew, end in, toss away, egress, endure, cannibalize, spread, show up, emerge, devise, circumvolve, overturn, pay, cleanse, veer, expel, bristle, arise, fan out, deflate, put up, abide, end, except, starve out, come to the fore, keep out, arrive, boot, wear, shorten, trim back, shake out, wake up, grow out of, send away, land, tolerate, step forward, immobilize, dilute, examine, pull on, heighten, resurrect, cover up, excavate, put off, try on, comport, leave off, rig out, curve, leave out, force out, squirt, disable, trim down, stand, dress, cut off, mug up, bulge, bulge out, raise, dress up, open, enter, edit out, wrap up, accept, cast out, turf, have a bun in the oven, prove, throw out, show, cut, bring down, turn, expand, slip into, debar, prune, boot out, get up, put out, shut off, grind away, toss out, bring out, support, fold up, get dressed, chuck out, dig up, splay, cast away, achieve, squeeze out, shew, flick, testify, abridge, spin, step up, fold, bone, spread out, omit, bone up, locate, hold, go up, climb up, tailor, unfold, rear, draw in, drum, step to the fore, come forward, deport, angle, protrude, cut down, swot, digest, skip, clear, switch off, trim, rise, diffuse, erupt, work up, develop, stand up, shut, abbreviate, hack, gestate, dissipate, get, drum out, roll, flip off, birth, prink, flash, lift, bob up, pan out, issue, fig out, come up, bear, stomach, demonstrate, extinguish, get in, run off, ensue, empty, prepare, reach, perfect, GI, unpack, trend, make, surface, follow, tip, grind out, rush out, uprise, extrude, scatter, fig up, come in, disengage, try out, rotate, wax, contract, bounce, bring up, pop out, establish, evidence, turn off, take out, produce, bang out, adjust, reduce, yield, release, reverse, exhaust, rout, kick out, assume, revolve, put away, rationalize, make out, disregard, tip up, grow, dislocate, deck up, mount, deflate, turn something inside out, deactivate, break through, luxate, edit, extrude, bear witness, climb, cast aside, cut back, hound, fancy up, acquit, come forth, deck out, tog out, move up, slue, deterge, break, discard, suffer, rationalise, displace, appear, culminate in, thin out, slip, oust, overdress, spring up, put on.