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Definition of turn up:

Synonyms for turn up:

scare up, prove, ascertain, eject, descry, come to the fore, shape up, show, root, abbreviate, get, determine, arrive, site, bear, erupt, advance, dig up, exclude, fold up, arm, spring, augment, approach, push through, unfurl, near, unfold, extend, boost, lengthen, shorten, breast, unearth, switch off, arise, pop, hollow, get up, pop up, cut, come on, care label, shut down, come in, protrude, try out, double, settle, excavate, bear witness, amplify, close down, nose out, reach, turn, essay, emerge, come along, come near, stretch, come and go, materialize, disclose, boot out, turn out, come across, draw close, out, go forth, shew, discover, draw in, descend on, locate, bug out, dig out, uprise, actuate, collar, track down, demonstrate, flick, coat, present itself, track, step forward, flash, find out, shoot up, splay, show up, strike, armhole, test, fold, crop up, telescope, rise, bulge out, get on, engage, step up, bib, get along, run across, dredge, egress, raise, activate, stumble across, issue, try, go on, pen up, increase, close, truncate, drop/fall into/land in someone's lap, run down, rotate, dig, surface, sneak up, come, strengthen, breast pocket, get through, ferret, take/catch someone by surprise, scout, supervene, map, find, learn, hit, spread out, turn off, draw near, buttonhole, step to the fore, break through, bulge, leaven, gather pace, pop out, rise up, elongate, trace, appear, control, establish, come forth, come out, bodice, enter, fall out, come out of the closet, rout, come up, coax, close up, hunt, land, chuck out, turf out, progress, energize, shoot, roll in, testify, intensify, spring up, examine, situate, get in, evidence, crank, coattails, grow, place, come forward, go up, rummage, detect, start.