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Definition of twaddle:

  1. Foolish or trifling talk.
  2. To talk foolishly; to chatter; to talk in a trifling manner.


hokum, blatherskite, stuff, crock, shoot the breeze, moonshine, beans, humbug, peach, bilgewater, babble out, fiddle-faddle, chitchat, cackle, hokeypokey, applesauce, mumble, silliness, baloney, talk, idiocy, guff, chit-chat, murmur, mussitate, malarkey, folderol, taradiddle, claver, tarradiddle, foolishness, babble, mumbo-jumbo, blurt, chat, mutter, jabber, let the cat out of the bag, bosh, blather, gossip, sing, crapola, flannel, chatter, punk, slobber, horsefeathers, blah, humbuggery, blarney, rigmarole, jazz, hoax, hogwash, drivel, chew the fat, visit, clatter, jabberwocky, senselessness, nonsense, jargon, double dutch, tale, spill the beans, hoodoo, wheedle, fiddle, tattle, chaffer, gobbledegook, bull, claver, piffle, prattle, claptrap, clack, bunkum, ravings, natter, boloney, words, bilge, muck, double talk, inveigle, blab out, balderdash, trumpery, snake oil, gabble, dribble, cajole, fudge, hooey, tosh, slush, tittle-tattle, palaver, maunder, fraud, bunk, confabulate, stupidity, trash, nuts, spiel, fiddlesticks, blabber, blurt out, sweet-talk, tomfoolery, blab, gibberish, fraudulence, flapdoodle, drool, jaw, rot, story, garbage, tommyrot, crap, brattle, folly, prate, cluck, put-on, nerts, click, fib, rubbish, blither, codswallop, gibber, knowledge, dupery, poppycock, confab, coax.

Usage examples: