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Definition of twig:

  1. A small shoot or branch of a tree or bush.


seize on, catch, accept, take, branchlet, cognize, assimilate, know, apprehend, catch on, decode, cotton on, appreciate, see the light, conceive, read, crumble, perceive, work out, fathom, follow, get, tumble, branch, have a feel for something, break down, chloroplast, get it, compass, bark, make sense of something, understand, savvy, discern, corm, limb, crumple, intuit, comprehend, dig, make out, ken, collapse, whirl around, decipher, get the picture, cotton, sprig, hook on, bough, bole, take up, fall/fit into place, catkin, grasp, take in, get the idea, fasten on, sense, fig leaf, grok, blossom, latch on, get wise, seize, tip, deduce, behold, whirl, crown, get onto, recognize, topple, make, see, register.

Usage examples: