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Definition of twin:

  1. Double.


rival, duplicate, pit, gibe, fellow, synonymous, foundling, copulate, pair off, international relations, twin falls, inseparable, collimate, counterpart, mate, baby, oppose, bairn, twinned, interrelated, play off, check, intimate, equalise, equate, meet, couple on, friendship, partner off, jibe, matched, similar, allied, Siamese, babe, another, parallel, involved, geminate, interdependent, friend, reduplicate, the global village, matching, equal, intergovernmental, pair, different, babe in arms, feeder, bundle of joy, replicate, related, blue baby, match, double-edged, multinational, vis-a-vis, same old, same old, couple up, opposite number, friendly, consistent, tally, designer baby, infant, bipartite, agree, correspond, couple, repeat, companion, gemini, touch, equalize, the international community, checkmate, exchange, cope with, corresponding, multination, steady, connected, fit, similitude.

Usage examples: