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Definition of twine:

  1. To mingle; to mix.


intertwine, bend, deflect, wave, stray, strand, revolve, twist, falsify, weave, wind up, bias, writhe, range, nose, wrench, colour, loop, cast, worm, seethe, mold, entwine, contort, hoist, enlace, roam, yield, straight, sophisticate, color, garble, train, flap, deform, drawing string, meander, scent, deviate, tramp, stoop, bowed stringed instrument, wander, undulate, wind, ramble, roll up, wreathe, pack thread, pervert, convolute, coil, turn, interlock, snake, flex, enfold, wrestle, sprain, wheel, twist around, rick, fortify, string, distort, wrap up, lace up, strain, tinge, cosmic string, corkscrew, vagabond, wrap, curve, bow, pluck, wriggle, tat, turn over, interlace, drift, knit, warp, influence, hustle, repetition, enclose, wrick, roll out, plait, drawstring, incline, rove, enwrap, submit, swan, roll, wring, crook, lift, curl, squirm, persuade, spiral, envelop, diverge, cordage.

Usage examples: