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Definition of twinkle:

  1. A shining with a tremulous or quivering light; a motion of the eye; a wink; the time occupied by a motion of the eye; an instant.
  2. To flash or sparkle at short intervals; to shine with a tremulous or quivering light; to sparkle; to open and shut the eye by turns.


incandescence, luster, winkle out, electric discharge, lightness, glisten, dart, glitter, igniter, shining, flash, nictitate, visible radiation, falter, glistering, glow, crease, cross, jiff, blink away, scintillate, dash, lighting, nanosecond, twinkling, luminosity, gleam, discharge, trice, brightness level, luminousness, second, blink, glare, lighter, glance, see, sparkling, scud, ostentate, winkle, radiance, electric arc, wink, moment, jiffy, continue, creep, dazzle, spangle, visible light, split second, arc, shoot, brightness, eyeblink, show off, bat, luminance, clear, sheen, New York minute, spark, beat, illumination, shine, crumple, furrow, ignitor, shake, nictate, coruscate, swank, flame, light source, minute, scintillation, catch the light, scoot, glistening, blaze, repetition, glister, gleaming, express, flare, flaunt, heartbeat, coruscation, light.

Usage examples: