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Definition of twitch:

  1. A pull with a sudden jerk; a spasmodic contraction of the muscles, of extremely short duration.
  2. To pull with a sudden jerk; to snatch.


rack, jerk, crush, shove, force, riff, squelch, wriggle, start, toss, press, alternate, cabbage, hoick, convulse, interchange, flutter, flip-flop, sting, wrench, snip, flicker, prick, lunge, coerce, dive, buck, repetition, stuff, tweet, filch, squirm, contort, pitch, flounder, rush, tack, thumb, lurch, hook, fiddle, lift, tic, thrust, mash, flick, hug, extort, vellicate, clip, come at, squiggle, tremor, embrace, spring, tug, top, flip over, pressure, twirp, bosom, tic, thresh, move, compact, purloin, hitch, vellication, fit, snarf, turn over, twist, drag, swipe, pluck at, wedge, writhe, contortion, nip, throw, pinch, hale, squeeze, twinge, crimp, heave, compress, leaf, nobble, push, abstract, riffle, fidget, jiggle, twitching, constrict, yank, convulsion, fidgety, tow, snap, flip out, tear at, switch, trail, jig, thrash, gouge, jump, wring, nip off, dance, pilfer, spasm, dart, wiggle, sky, flip, sneak, snip off, squash, contract, thrill, pull, flail, strain.

Usage examples: