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Definition of twitter:

  1. A small tremulous noise, as of a swallow; a slight trembling of the nerves.
  2. One who twits or reproaches.
  3. To make a succession of small tremulous sounds like a swallow or other small bird; to feel a slight trembling of the nerves.


swelter, waffle, chuckle, caw, cry, birdsong, hee-haw, alight, chitter, shiver, stew, shake, pother, guffaw, lather, repetition, gab, cheep, fuss, quiver, swivet, sweat, hoot, peep, babble, giggle, horselaugh, huff, quake, laughter, whistle, beat, fluster, cachinnation, cock-a-doodle-doo, cackle, boff, gas, tremble, chortle, shudder, quaver, cluck, brood, quack, tizzy, flap, boffola, chirrup, jaw, talk through your hat, run off at the mouth, prattle, snigger, dither, cuckoo, belly laugh, coo, song, vibrate, shriek, gossip, snicker, chatter, chirp, titter.

Usage examples: