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Definition of type:

  1. A mark of something; an emblem, sign, or symbol; a figure of something to come; the shape or form of a letter of the alphabet in metal; a peculiarity in the form of a disease; the original conception in art which becomes the subject of a copy; the perfect representation or idea of anything.


font, image, substitute, shell, grammatical case, lot, bracket, cross section, full-page, face, theatrical role, model, capitalise, attribute, part, persona, typewrite, prototype, graphic symbol, manner, lawsuit, caseful, materialization, character, characterize, prosopopeia, lineament, typecast, symbol, figure, token, exteriorization, dotted line, bold, typing, kidney, pillowcase, league, product, typist, type out, reference, slip, format, mixture, suit, typesetter's case, rubric, sign, geek, fiber, grapheme, individual, fictional character, character reference, sheath, typing pool, showcase, personalization, standard, causa, vitrine, nature, case, archetype, typeface, like, example, description, incarnation, capitalize, substantiation, display case, type up, typewritten, letter, touch-type, flake, guinea pig, dog, cause, event, representation, instance, division, personification, grouping, sample, compositor's case, eccentric person, fictitious character, objectification, copperplate, embodiment, subject, oddball, quality, genre, standard, original, fibre, dictate, fount, eccentric, dictation, externalization, nature, casing, galley, emblem, Jekyll and Hyde, role, tier, pillow slip, manifestation.

Usage examples: