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Definition of tyrannical:

  1. Pert. to a tyrant; that acts as a tyrant; unjustly severe; arbitrary; despotic; cruel.


irresponsible, imperative, bossy, pitiless, autarchical, unconditional, dogmatic, monstrous, imperious, autarchic, oppressive, hateful, controlling, uncharitable, absolute, dominating, evil, authoritative, magisterial, over, despotical, inhuman, autocratic, supreme, commanding, despotic, autocratical, awful, cruel, haughty, positive, lordly, tyrannic, domineering, arbitrary, authoritarian, absolutistic, dictatorial, brutal, unequivocal, undemocratic, coercive, fascistic, exacting, high-and-mighty, compulsive, compulsory, tyrannous, politics, monocratic, hard, czarist, unkind, masterful.

Usage examples: