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Definition of tyranny:

  1. The government or acts of a tyrant; an arbitrary or despotic exercise of power; cruelty; unjust severity.


atrocity, autonomy, over, caretaker government, brutalities, control, might, fascism, anarchy, absolutism, oligopoly, centralism, autocracy, force, greatness, shogunate, czarism, politics, savagery, evil, abuse, bullying, banana republic, autocracy, coalition, autarky, domination, monopoly, authoritarianism, monocracy, authority, totalitarianism, maltreatment, one-man rule, despotism, Caesarism, cruelty, leadership, dictatorship, power, totalism, severity, autarchy, inhumanity, reign of terror, Stalinism, barbarism, big government.

Usage examples: