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Definition of un:

  1. A prefix signifying " not"; the opposite of; un, signifying " not," or " the opposite of," may be used before almost any adjective, as in unfruitful, the opposite of fruitful; before nouns derived from adjectives, as in unfruitfulness, the opposite of fruitfulness, and before adverbs, as in unfruitfully; un before a verb signifies " to take off"; to deprive of; to undo; to destroy,- as in undress, to take off dress. Note.- Those words only are given which are in most general use; when not found, turn to the word, less the prefix un, or to the primary word, for further explanations and the roots. Un is equivalent to the Latin prefix in when it signifies not. In the use of un or in before adjectives, usage has greatly varied. As to when it is proper, according to the best usage, to write un or in, the best guide is to consult the dictionary. In many cases both in and un are in good use as prefixes for the same word, and are used indifferently, some writers preferring un and others in.


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