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Definition of unbalanced:

  1. Being, or being thrown, out of equilibrium; hence, disordered or deranged in sense; unsteady; unsound; as, an unbalanced mind.
  2. Not adjusted; not settled; not brought to an equality of debt and credit; as, an unbalanced account; unbalanced books.
  3. Not balanced; not in equipoise; having no counterpoise, or having insufficient counterpoise.


unrestrained, mentally ill, fed up, stupid, gaga, nutty as a fruitcake, tired of, brainsick, fruity, sickish, maladjusted, unsound, nuts, crazy, wrong, imbalanced, unreliable, buggy, sick of, not all there, wild, loony, nauseated, touched, ghastly, demented, screwy, off, insane, pallid, screwball, cuckoo, moonstruck, treacherous, nauseous, sore, harebrained, daft, daffy, around the bend, mad as a hatter, pale, bonkers, ill, grim, frantic, distressed, mad, distracted, grisly, half-baked, softheaded, wan, sick in the head, cracked, biased, maniac, wobbly, wacky, stark raving mad, upset, distraught, queasy, disturbed, loco, rash, untrustworthy, unhinged, crackers, gruesome, of unsound mind, macabre, huffy, shaky, disgusted, dotty, crazy as a loon, non compos mentis, sick, worried, bananas, disordered, sane, excited, unequal, disquieted, unstable.

Usage examples: