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Definition of uncharitable:

  1. Not charitable; contrary to charity; severe in judging; harsh; censorious; as, uncharitable opinions or zeal.


niggard, parsimonious, unpitying, uncaring, unforgiving, stonyhearted, inhuman, slash-and-burn, compassionless, soulless, affectless, unfeeling, insensate, niggardly, cold-blooded, unmerciful, unmoved, hard-boiled, desensitized, tight, mean-spirited, selfish, tightfisted, monstrous, meanspirited, pinchpenny, inhumane, unkind, awful, obdurate, pinching, spare, sparing, ungenerous, remorseless, uncompassionate, unsparing, penurious, unsympathetic, case-hardened, evil, penny-pinching, hateful, indurate, untouched, mingy, cheap, mean, merciless, ruthless, chintzy, stony, close, stinting, callous, unstirred, take-no-prisoners, hard, insensitive, closefisted, pachydermatous, miserly, hard-hearted, ironhearted, feelings, thick-skinned, censorious, cruel, heartless, pitiless.

Usage examples: