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Definition of uncivilized:

  1. Not civil; coarse; clownish.
  2. Not civilized; not reclaimed from savage life; rude; barbarous; savage; as, the uncivilized inhabitants of Central Africa.


raving mad, indelicate, crazy, coast-to-coast, furious, offensive, dotty, risky, roughshod, primitive, uncultured, barbarian, Anglo-American, inhuman, boorish, natural, heathenish, continental, gross, bicoastal, abrasive, gaga, American, idle, heathen, barbaric, waste, rough, unwarranted, merciless, atrocious, courtesy, godforsaken, tasteless, smooth, brutal, uncontrolled, fell, tempestuous, ferine, vicious, noncivilised, primitive, culture, feral, anglophone, Neanderthal, hazardous, violent, churlish, fantastic, wild, fierce, ferocious, raging, impudent, angry, insolent, Anglo-Saxon, abroad, ill-bred, cruel, noncivilized, untamed, baseless, smart, crass, uncultivated, uncivilised, Philistine, groundless, savage, Baltic, unpolished, unrefined, unfounded, Arctic.

Usage examples: