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Definition of uncultivated:

  1. Not instructed; not civilised; rough in manners; wild; in a state of nature.


cash crop, uneducated, heathenish, crude, be unused to (doing) something, crop rotation, virgin, untamed, courtesy, tasteless, crop circle, insensible, rough-hewn, raffish, smooth, uncivil, lowbrow, barbarian, combine, indelicate, uncultivable, uncouth, ingenuous, natural, ferocious, impetuous, crass, uncultured, gross, Neanderthal, violent, boorish, low, lowbrowed, culture, uncultivatable, crop, roughneck, heathen, ill-bred, furious, coarse, unskilled, Philistine, untried, barbaric, rude, raging, artless, nonintellectual, arable, uninitiated, cultivated, churlish, corn, lowbred, untrained, unrefined, fiery, naive, rugged, barbarous, fierce, inexperienced, illiberal, incult, common, native, unpolished, savage, vulgar, cultivate, rough, uncivilized, primitive, undomesticated, illiterate, unqualified, wild.

Usage examples: