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Definition of undertake:

  1. Hence, to guarantee; to promise; to affirm.
  2. Specifically, to take upon one's self solemnly or expressly; to lay one's self under obligation, or to enter into stipulations, to perform or to execute; to covenant; to contract.
  3. To assume, as a character.
  4. To engage with; to attack.
  5. To give a promise or guarantee; to be surety.
  6. To have knowledge of; to hear.
  7. To take or have the charge of.
  8. To take upon one's self, or assume, any business, duty, or province.
  9. To take upon one's self; to engage in; to enter upon; to take in hand; to begin to perform; to set about; to attempt.
  10. To venture; to hazard.


harness, take up, assure, vouch, shrink, concentrate, assume, ensure, constrict, warrant, condense, foreshorten, start out, sign, encounter, get down, shoulder, meet, set about, attempt, abbreviate, adopt, guarantee, play, kick off, shorten, get off, take, secure, take over, take in charge, insure, compress, acquire, lead off, try, compact, pledge, promise, sign up, get, narrow, obligation, reduce, incur, go about, take on, tackle, contract, essay, set out, admit, open, sign on, enter, press, abridge, agree, set to, squeeze, cut, institute, accept, launch.

Usage examples: