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Definition of undulate:

  1. Same as Undulated.
  2. To cause to move backward and forward, or up and down, in undulations or waves; to cause to vibrate.
  3. To move in, or have, undulations or waves; to vibrate; to wave; as, undulating air.


rove, prance, dither, shuffle, sinuate, beckon, drift, vagabond, riff, rumple, billow, roll, strut, sashay, wrap, riffle, swerve, bubble, vary, roll out, seethe, hustle, tramp, pucker, slither, range, turn over, roll up, mix, revolve, waver, swing, flap, straight, mess up, pother, curve, brandish, babble, hesitate, flourish, smooth, wheel, veer, guggle, flip, thumb, leaf, ripple, ruffle up, wander, cast, swan, pleat, tittup, flick, knit, ramble, swagger, curl, move, wave, pluck, burble, cock, wind, cockle, snake, stray, twine, crumple, ruffle, fluff, roam, gurgle.

Usage examples: