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Definition of unfit:

  1. Not fit; unsuitable.
  2. To make unsuitable or incompetent; to deprive of the strength, skill, or proper qualities for anything; to disable; to incapacitate; to disqualify; as, sickness unfits a man for labor; sin unfits us for the society of holy beings.


incongruous, gammy, able, feeble, unqualified, afflicted, bandy-legged, spoiled, hunchbacked, disqualify, unequal, inexperienced, unsound, wrong, lordotic, high-risk, ill-suited, condemned, valueless, speculative, unstable, forged, bowlegged, humped, unprepared, excess, halt, crookback, fit, inadequate, sorry, game, ineffective, ability, humpbacked, impotent, incapable, disincline, hunchback, crookbacked, regretful, untrained, lame, bad, indispose, disabled, tough, inutile, halting, unpromising, big, crippled, useless, impaired, spavined, correct, suitable, unlikely, gibbous, unpracticed, inadequate, apractic, unskilled, unable, incapacitated, bandy, disable, maimed, risky, paralytic, unqualified, spoilt, paralyzed, unapt, incorrect, kyphotic, uncollectible, apraxic, ill-advised, dipped, agree, swayback, weak, swaybacked, knock-kneed, paraplegic, unsuitable, handicapped, defective, fit, usual, mutilated, clumsy, bowed, mentally ill, bowleg, broken-backed, autistic, fallacious, mistaken, incompetent, subhuman, inapplicable, unable.

Usage examples: