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Definition of unfold:

  1. To open the folds of; to expand; to spread out; as, to unfold a tablecloth.
  2. To open, as anything covered or close; to lay open to view or contemplation; to bring out in all the details, or by successive development; to display; to disclose; to reveal; to elucidate; to explain; as, to unfold one's designs; to unfold the principles of a science.
  3. To open; to expand; to become disclosed or developed.
  4. To release from a fold or pen; as, to unfold sheep.


increase, elongate, dilate, open up, crane, cover, fold, offer, stretch, blossom out, dissipate, draw out, disseminate, diffuse, put out, stretch forth, splay, amplify, broaden, unbend, lead, afford, rotate, broadcast, protract, spread out, run, flower, develop, debase, flatten, carry, stretch out, open, reach out, prolong, hold out, go, expatiate, straighten, disperse, distribute, display, pass, fan, widen, string out, scatter, fan out, unwind, gallop, evolve, show, extend, give, stretch along, continue, release, augment, pass around, blossom forth, circularise, dilute, exsert, circulate, roll, outstretch, expand, move, load, bloom, overspread, loosen, unwrap, enlarge, blossom, spread, poke out, turn out, adulterate, propagate, go around, circularize, strain.

Usage examples: