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Definition of unfounded:

  1. Having no foundation; baseless; vain; idle; as, unfounded expectations.
  2. Not founded; not built or established.


nonvalid, fantastic, raging, true, savage, dead, violent, wild, furious, barbarian, apparently, unsupported, idle, uncivilised, unwarrantable, angry, unsubstantiated, hazardous, loose, unjustifiable, unjustified, undue, unwarranted, dotty, unused, insupportable, uncivilized, waste, jobless, risky, tempestuous, untrue, unreasonable, raving mad, light, bottomless, gaga, untamed, unproven, baseless, invalid, crazy, anecdotal, groundless, barbaric, allegedly, seemingly, supposed, foundationless, indefensible, doubtful, alleged, out of work, speculative, godforsaken.

Usage examples: