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Definition of unhealthy:

  1. Wanting in a sound and vigorous state of body; unsound; sickly.


corrupt, rotten, pathologic, caseous, dull, jeopardizing, unprofitable, morbid, blistery, venturesome, blebby, pathological, serious, enlarged, mortified, distended, loss-making, contaminative, frail, rheumatic, infectious, puffy, arthritic, peaked, risky, tumid, menacing, peaky, unsalutary, wheezing, chilblained, infirm, cankerous, unsafe, noisome, diseased, uneconomic, asthmatic, down, not-for-profit, mental, edematous, flagitious, bloodshot, dropsical, run-down, miscreant, debilitating, macabre, threatening, windburnt, robust, windburned, sore, good, insalubrious, sallow, foamy, yellow, corruptive, uneconomical, insanitary, perilous, rheumatoid, nonprofit, seedy, debilitated, parlous, sunburned, hurtful, raw, ulcerated, colicky, enfeebled, wheezy, jaundiced, ulcerous, ingrown, worse, turgid, hazardous, inflamed, sore-eyed, swollen, hale, ingrowing, proinflammatory, underfunded, untapped, creaky, membranous, poorly, angry, unsound, unhealthful, failing, fragile, grave, puffed, carbuncled, punk, dehydrated, clean, membrane-forming, tumescent, sunburnt, perverse, sickened, gassy, villainous, carbuncular, frothing, sickly, bloated, degenerate, grievous, bad, depraved, right, flatulent, carbuncular, healthy, unfit, foaming, gangrenous, varicose, health, unwell, inflammatory, demoralizing, carious.

Usage examples: