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Definition of unhinged:

  1. Loosed from the hinges; unsettled; deranged.


grim, wan, fed up, delirious, lunatic, nauseated, queasy, bughouse, dotty, sore, sick, macabre, bedlam, wacko, crazy, nuts, disquieted, nutty, unbalanced, maniacal, frantic, bats, mental, cranky, cuckoo, disgusted, crackbrained, sickish, excited, deranged, wud, insane, kooky, disturbed, nauseous, harebrained, distracted, meshuga, daft, maladjusted, screwy, fruity, unsound, brainsick, crackpot, softheaded, demented, huffy, non compos mentis, psychotic, pallid, ghastly, moonstruck, pale, worried, crackers, unrestrained, half-baked, ill, cracked, distressed, sick of, haywire, grisly, psycho, scatty, barmy, balmy, certifiable, wacky, gaga, loco, wild, gruesome, crazed, upset, batty, screwball, bonkers, loony tunes, tired of, imbalanced, loony, daffy, mad.

Usage examples: