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Definition of uniform:

  1. A dress of a particular style or fashion worn by persons in the same service or order by means of which they have a distinctive appearance; as, the uniform of the artillery, of the police, of the Freemasons, etc.
  2. Having always the same form, manner, or degree; not varying or variable; unchanging; consistent; equable; homogenous; as, the dress of the Asiatics has been uniform from early ages; the temperature is uniform; a stratum of uniform clay.
  3. Of the same form with others; agreeing with each other; conforming to one rule or mode; consonant.
  4. To clothe with a uniform; as, to uniform a company of soldiers.
  5. To make conformable.


accessory, identical, crooked, array, smooth, homogeneous, parallel, equivalent, single, dedifferentiated, true, undifferentiated, homogenous, unlike, casuals, invariant, correspondent, regular, unvarying, changeless, logical, civvies, baggies, same old, same old, different, beachwear, black tie, kindred, coordinates, unvaried, reproducible, combats, consistent, corresponding, another, equal, black, interchangeable, unwavering.

Usage examples: