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Definition of unimaginative:

  1. That cannot have a notion or idea.


rich, practical, arid, matter-of-fact, unintelligent, dull, empty-headed, stupid, trivial, stereotypical, prosaic, tedious, humdrum, mind-numbing, stereotyped, dull, flavorless, unexciting, slow-witted, thick, colorless, uncreative, dreary, flat, lackluster, silly, conventional, lusterless, stodgy, brainless, aseptic, unoriginal, pedestrian, dry, stereotypic, lifeless, spiritless, slow, sterile, uninteresting, boring, unfertile, simple-minded, unoriginal, drab, excite, earthbound, uninventive, common, idiotic, uninspired, infertile.

Usage examples: