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Definition of unimportant:

  1. Not of great moment; insignificant.


unreal, delusive, beside the point, Mickey Mouse, petty, empty, baseless, profitless, inconsiderable, picayune, inconstant, piddling, abortive, unrelated, slight, lightweight, futile, small, big, hole-and-corner, immaterial, inappreciable, trivial, vapid, marginal, deceitful, paltry, piffling, penny ante, low-ranking, neither here nor there, niggling, lilliputian, ineffectual, unnecessary, visionary, idle, peanut, second-rate, footling, light, indifferent, foolish, vain, incidental, inconsequent, fruitless, superficial, null, of no consequence, of no account, unsatisfying, extraneous, of no moment, inconsequential, nickel-and-dime, inappropriate, Little, little, hole-in-corner, nugatory, negligible, small-time, minor, unprofitable, unserviceable, academic, bootless, useless, fiddling, potty, small-fry, unsubstantial, shadowy, undistinguished, unavailing.

Usage examples: