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Definition of uninteresting:

  1. Not capable of exiciting or attracting the mind.


excite, uninspired, heavy, dull, jejune, dismal, tame, deadening, drear, irksome, soporific, uninspiring, numbing, earthbound, arid, tiring, trite, dusty, weariful, insipid, stodgy, boring, prosy, colorless, leaden, putdownable, narcotic, stale, stupid, trivial, banal, stuffy, tedious, soporiferous, drudging, prosaic, institutional, slow, fatiguing, drab, wearisome, jading, flat, wearying, unexciting, mind-numbing, monochromatic, tiresome, ponderous, pedestrian, unentertaining, old, ho-hum, weary.

Usage examples: