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Definition of unity:

  1. Any definite quantity, or aggregate of quantities or magnitudes taken as one, or for which 1 is made to stand in calculation; thus, in a table of natural sines, the radius of the circle is regarded as unity.
  2. Concord; harmony; conjunction; agreement; uniformity; as, a unity of proofs; unity of doctrine.
  3. In dramatic composition, one of the principles by which a uniform tenor of story and propriety of representation are preserved; conformity in a composition to these; in oratory, discourse, etc., the due subordination and reference of every part to the development of the leading idea or the eastablishment of the main proposition.
  4. Such a combination of parts as to constitute a whole, or a kind of symmetry of style and character.
  5. The peculiar characteristics of an estate held by several in joint tenancy.
  6. The state of being one; oneness.


superstar, unison, correspondence, combination, ace, agree, haleness, ensemble, champion, similarity, accord, consolidation, hotshot, symmetry, bingle, wholeness, confederation, concurrence, concord, tune, oneness, single, coalition, conjugation, 1, wiz, harmony, aggregation, assemble, unanimity, whizz, uniqueness, universality, i, difference, compact, unification, whiz, organization, adept, combination, virtuoso, compound, genius, unification, sensation, agreement, maven, mavin, diversity, amity, singularity, angiotensin-converting enzyme, part, accordance, federation, concordance, composite, iodin, atomic number 53, uniformity, star, consent, iodine, alliance, rapport, integrity, one, consonance, wizard.

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