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Definition of unmatched:

  1. Having no match or equal.


queer, one and only, erratic, ideal, unique, funny, eccentric, left over, inimitable, only, grotesque, ludicrous, alone, unsurpassable, left, preposterous, premier, ridiculous, unmated, peerless, anomalous, droll, unmatchable, rummy, matchless, unexpended, unparalleled, best, uncommon, first class, unrivaled, remaining, fantastic, crotchety, nonpareil, first-rate, extraordinary, there is no substitute for something, unequaled, unusual, peculiar, rum, second to none, strange, par excellence, quaint, unrivalled, unpaired, uncomparable, leftover, uneven, curious, odd, unsurpassed, unexampled, singular, bizarre, same, one, whimsical, laughable, incomparable, comical, mismatched.

Usage examples: