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Definition of unplanned:

Synonyms for unplanned:

arbitrary, unknowledgeable, down and dirty, instinctive, involuntary, unrehearsed, unconsidered, spontaneous, undisciplined, disorganized, by accident, planned, ignorant, extempore, casual, unexpected, unintended, unknowing, undesigned, haphazard, unstudied, hit-and-miss, incidental, uncoordinated, undevised, unpremeditated, unwilled, indiscriminate, spur-of-the-moment, offhanded, improvisational, random, desultory, unwitting, fluky, unstructured, offhand, fortuitous, extemporary, hit-or-miss, off-the-cuff, spot, unintentional, chance, coincidental, inadvertent, ad hoc, snap, improvised, impromptu, ad-lib, all over the place, unmeant, unprepared, accidental, chaotic, hasty.

Usage examples: