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Definition of unprepared:

  1. Not ready; not fitted or furnished by previous measures.


chary, unadvised, ad-lib, in the dark, unhelpful, unconsidered, spontaneous, reluctant, coincidental, unguarded, napping, unplanned, arbitrary, by accident, unaware, impromptu, spur-of-the-moment, instinctive, loath, uncooperative, extemporaneous, unsuspecting, accidental, offhanded, unequipped, disinclined, taken off guard, going off half-cocked, taken aback, random, ad hoc, unpremeditated, inexperienced, extempore, unexpectant, unrehearsed, surprised, indisposed, unnotified, involuntary, unstudied, improvisational, grudging, unwilling, extemporary, offhand, off the cuff, unwary, snap, unintended, unwarned, down and dirty.

Usage examples: