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Definition of unravel:

  1. Hence, to clear from complication or difficulty; to unfold; to solve; as, to unravel a plot.
  2. To become unraveled, in any sense.
  3. To disentangle; to disengage or separate the threads of; as, to unravel a stocking.
  4. To separate the connected or united parts of; to throw into disorder; to confuse.


hightail it, bunk, play, decipher, get to the bottom of, campaign, black market, feed, ply, reason, disentangle, ravel out, be given, pass, take to the woods, undo, course, fly the coop, persist, turn tail, clear up, explain, untangle, lam, move, break away, run for, run, scarper, prevail, operate, figure out, unwind, draw, tangle, lead, die hard, extricate, scat, track down, free, disengage, carry, ladder, disencumber, interpret, consort, unscramble, extend, ravel, range, hunt, melt, run away, resolve, dope out, melt down, endure, ask, work, execute, race, unpick, escape, head for the hills, hunt down, lean, bleed, knot, tend, unknot, function, incline, flow, guide, go.

Usage examples: