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Definition of unrefined:

  1. Not refined; not polished in manners.


unskilled, impudent, undressed, buttery, rough-hewn, rough-and-tumble, uncultured, barbarian, rude, Neanderthal, ill-mannered, impolite, discourteous, stark, cream, boorish, uncivilized, incult, jury-rigged, unprocessed, untrained, illiberal, crisp, jerry-rigged, courtesy, rough-spoken, crispy, inexperienced, rugged, roughneck, uncultivated, lowbrow, swinish, robust, creamy, churlish, unqualified, uneducated, be unused to (doing) something, unladylike, abrasive, impertinent, uncouth, caramelized, crass, common, bounderish, smooth, illiterate, vulgar, naive, loutish, low, oafish, native, artless, rough-and-ready, ungentlemanlike, insensible, chewy, Neandertal, natural, untreated, clean, raffish, ungentlemanly, ill-bred, smart, crude, untried, jerry-built, calorific, underbred, yokelish, insolent, lowbred, rough, chilled, coarse, blunt, cool, uninitiated, primitive, agrestic.

Usage examples: