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Definition of unresponsive:

Synonyms for unresponsive:

feelings, uninterested, pointless, indifferent, ineffective, unemotional, passionless, listless, insensible, sex, cold, phlegmatic, pathetic, clinical, apathetic, unreactive, awareness, faulty, benign, incurious, purposeless, unconcerned, under, restrained, dull, controlled, impassive, unamenable, wooden, asymptomatic, frigid, out, inhibited, ardorless, torpid, unconscious, insensitive, semiconscious, fast asleep, out for the count, useless, out cold, advanced, blank, passive, detached, stolid, undemonstrative, futile, asleep, lethargic, catching, sound asleep, neutral, worthless, congenital, acute, chronic, inefficient, comatose, benumbed, cool, communicable, stuporous, numb, autoimmune, emotionless, defective.

Usage examples: