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Definition of unsafe:

  1. Not free from danger; exposed to harm or destruction.


unstable, suicidal, self-destructive, insecure, on the hook, desperate, chanceful, precarious, contraceptive, dodgy, unguaranteed, dicey, unwary, barrier method, uncertain, unpromising, adventurous, abortionist, unsound, lowering, critical, unprotected, Untrustworthy, dizzy, explosive, unsteady, hazardous, diaphragm, slippery, shaky, venturesome, slippery, ruinous, heedless, brave, grievous, damaging, unsure, safety, serious, unsecured, perilous, fearsome, condom, abortionist, dangerous, chancy, unprepossessing, unreliable, threatening, ticklish, do-or-die, contraception, hairy, unstable, dangerous, grave, parlous, embattled, severe, harmful, jeopardizing, tottering, defenceless, venturous, risky, disastrous, alarming, incautious, unguarded, unshielded, birth control, precarious, fraught with peril, unhealthy, injurious, perilous, at your own risk, life-threatening, uncertain, coil, breakneck, mindless, insidious, kamikaxe, abortion, giddy, touch-and-go, treacherous, bold, shaky.

Usage examples: