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Definition of unsettled:

  1. Unfixed; unhinged; not determined; unsteady or wavering; fickle; having no fixed place of a bode; turbid; not occupied by permanent inhabitatns.


incertain, homeless, breezy, nervous, peregrine, paradise, stressful, beside yourself, iridescent, grave, unassured, flickery, serious, distressed, effectively, uneasy, variable, uninhabited, be better/worse off, kinetic, distressing, anxious, changeable, inconsistent, unstable, circumstantial, disturbed, owing, insecure, blustery, uneasy, rootless, suspicious, solid, ticklish, wayfaring, capricious, due, brisk, hinky, certain, tired, effective, various, payable, vagrant, mobile, distrustful, wild, owed, receivable, changing, troubled, outstanding, Peripatetic, undecided, dazed, agitated, bewildered, indefinite, vague, nomadic, windy, unsealed, migratory, face to face, tentative, skittish, fateful, situated, migrant, undetermined, variant, drifting, unquiet, disoriented, mistrustful, temperamental, planetary, uncertain, unlocated, pay, unpaid, erratic, solicitous, complicated, change, confused, disturbing, tense, foggy, calm, stormy, skeptical, simple, fresh, risky, unconvinced, complex, worrying, alarming, explosive, busy, trustless, floating, hazardous, severe, concerned, fluctuating, can't think straight, at a loss (to do something), itinerant, dubious, stable, doubtful, chatoyant, active, overdue, perplexed, unsure, stateless, squally, agitated, unbalanced, unpredictable, unique, spaced, shot, open, aimless, wandering, feelings, roving, vagabond, equivocal, perilous, unresolved.

Usage examples: