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Definition of unskilled:

  1. Destitute of practical knowledge.


bungled, unqualified, jackleg, cooperative, poor, ill-informed, clerical, untried, bad, incompetent, recreational, unpaid, uninitiated, rough, menial, adjunct, lowly, crude, inept, clumsy, bungling, illiterate, uneducated, incapable, helpless, untrained, lubberly, hopeless, awful, unfitted, inapt, unenlightened, unlettered, botched, dilettantish, collaborative, uninformed, fumbling, amateurish, untaught, ceremonial, no good, naive, unequal to, semiskilled, butcherly, casual, unprofessional, inexpert, unable, associate, amateur, unlearned, assistant, inefficient, humble, dilettante, antisocial, artless, unfit, ignorant, someone couldn't do something if they tried, ability, unskillful, out of practice, rusty, botchy, collegiate, untutored, unworkmanlike, uninstructed, be unused to (doing) something.

Usage examples: