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Definition of unstained:

  1. Not dyed; not polluted; not dishonoured.


sheer, squeaky-clean, uncorrupted, chaste, unpolluted, guiltless, perfect, unblemished, undefiled, virtuous, absolute, snowy, untarnished, white, untreated, untainted, genuine, unpainted, classical, guileless, continent, stainless, fair, clean, simple, real, holy, unmixed, uncolored, virginal, unspotted, unmingled, incorrupt, pure as the driven snow, sinless, fresh, antiseptic, mere, maiden, virgin, sex, classic, true, undyed, pristine, unvarnished, right, angelic, unsullied, unsoiled, plain, innocent, upright, unadulterated, angelical, clear, tintless, lily-white.

Usage examples: