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Definition of unsuitable:

  1. Unfit; not adapted; improper.


cockeyed, ill-suited, mismated, discordant, out of place, infelicitious, uncongenial, un, perverse, unapt, mly, infelicitous, uncalled-for, out of kilter, ill-assorted, out of joint, ineligible, inharmonious, unmated, bad, contrary, dissident, conflicting, unfortunate, mismatched, inappropriate, amiss, disparate, disproportionate, unfitting, divergent, dissonant, interfering, graceless, disturbing, discrepant, inapplicable, ill-suited, unhappy, intrusive, unfit, wrong, ability, opposite, jarring, improper, at odds, agree, clashing, repugnant, inconformable, incongruous, inconsistent, usual, unassimilable, unwanted, senseless, irrelevant, contradictory, undesirable, inopportune, at variance, ill-timed, absurd, incommensurable, disagreeable, unseasonable, unsympathetic, disagreeing, irreconcilable, not in keeping, unapt, incompatible, incorrect.

Usage examples: