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Definition of untruth:

  1. That which is untrue; a false assertion; a falsehood; a lie; also, an act of treachery or disloyalty.
  2. The quality of being untrue; contrariety to truth; want of veracity; also, treachery; faithlessness; disloyalty.


imposition, cunning, trickery, fabrication, falsification, correct, story, inveracity, erroneousness, craft, falsity, deceitfulness, duplicity, whopper, delusion, false statement, dissimulation, canard, tall tale, deceit, cock-and-bull story, deception, misstatement, finesse, falsehood, hypocrisy, lying, fraud, true, guile, misrepresentation, double-dealing, fiction, tale, fish story, prevarication.

Usage examples: