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Definition of unusual:

  1. Not usual; uncommon; rare; as, an unusual season; a person of unusual grace or erudition.


indescribable, comical, exotic, crazy, magnificent, familiar, exceeding, astounding, unordinary, whimsical, quirky, unparalleled, unaccountable, stupendous, cranky, weird, laughable, curious, astonishing, aberrated, peculiar, preposterous, ridiculous, fantastical, erratic, unknown, prominent, extraordinaire, preeminent, common, ineffable, overpowering, strange, extraordinary, unexampled, refreshing, towering, startling, unparalleled, kooky, eerie, uncustomary, better, awesome, unaccustomed, ludicrous, great, scarce, renowned, different, important, fantastic, unconventional, funny, awesome, memorable, unwonted, amazing, freak, unexpected, preternatural, eccentric, awe-inspiring, quaint, unmatched, droll, crotchety, surprising, unnatural, special, rummy, refreshing, appalling, grotesque, eery, bizarre, unique, singular, freaky, odd, Gothic, idiosyncratic, atypic, conspicuous, out-of-the-way, unaccountable, queer, common, incredible, especial, other, startling, inconceivable, oddish, distinguished, screwball, offbeat, eminent, surprising, anomalous, uncommon, out of the ordinary, fine, antic, freakish, prodigious, foreign, rum, standout, significant, out of sight, usual.

Usage examples: