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Definition of unwholesome:

  1. Unfavourable to health.


narcotic, insubstantial, virulent, demoralized, insalubrious, like, disease-ridden, debased, perverted, hurtful, contaminative, disgusting, indigestible, pestiferous, decadent, rakish, atrocious, mischievous, unpalatable, repellent, pestilential, pernicious, macabre, perverse, dangerous, envenomed, morbid, ugly, lethal, putrid, offensive, putrescent, degraded, nauseous, destructive, sickening, demoralizing, baneful, unhealthy, right, dissolute, nasty, corruptive, unnutritious, tainted, noisome, sickly, loathsome, jackleg, depraved, dissipated, jejune, unsalutary, libertine, health, repulsive, good, nauseating, reprobate, debauched, loose, evil, unhealthful, warped, venomous, unclean, vile, perverting, revolting, sick, rakehell, foul, inedible, germ-infested, ruinous, bad, rotten, horrid, degenerate, pain, spoiled.

Usage examples: