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Definition of upbraid:

  1. The act of reproaching; contumely.
  2. To charge with something wrong or disgraceful; to reproach; to cast something in the teeth of; - followed by with or for, and formerly of, before the thing imputed.
  3. To object or urge as a matter of reproach; to cast up; - with to before the person.
  4. To reprove severely; to rebuke; to chide.
  5. To treat with contempt.
  6. To utter upbraidings.


excoriate, controvert, expostulate with, flout, give the lie to, damn, calumniate, hiss, bawl out, rake over the coals, execrate, heckle, reprimand, rebuke, dress down, let someone have it, praise, clamor against, impeach, recriminate, decry, revile, arraign, attack, impugn, scold, dispraise, stigmatize, bring to book, bark at, take to task, tongue-lash, rake, tax, remonstrate with, call down, assail, reprehend, find fault with, scold, asperse, vituperate, rap, lambaste, expostulate, flay, chew out, brand, warn, reprove, check, lecture, inveigh against, correct, call on the carpet, oppugn, reprobate.

Usage examples: