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Definition of uprise:

  1. The act of rising; appearance above the horizon; rising.
  2. To have an upward direction or inclination.
  3. To rise; to get up; to appear from below the horizon.


modernize, approach, recrudesce, plagiarize, mount, switch off, airlift, spread out, farm, organize, machinate, tog up, build up, elevate, pinch, upraise, rig out, cabbage, swot up, overdress, rise up, bob up, modernise, sneak, purloin, evolve, upspring, mature, hold water, swipe, hoist, vacate, jump, tog out, repeal, prink, place upright, exclude, grow, formulate, burn down, stick up, spring up, muster, trick out, surface, stand, break, explicate, splay, burn up, dress up, plagiarise, go on, countermand, nobble, raise, climb up, abound, mug up, devise, cram, bring up, turf out, chuck out, lift, turn up, resurrect, trick up, produce, deck up, germinate, bone, arise, fig up, prepare, get, abstract, revoke, get up, initiate, wax, come, hold up, boot out, develop, turn, line up, fancy up, hook, prove, organise, eject, turn off, scrape, rotate, draw close, rebel, bear, come up, heighten, cut, face-lift, scrape up, revive, annul, rally, overturn, fig out, gussy up, maturate, rustle, work up, snarf, wind, attire, go up, near, bone up, summon, ascend, stand up, start, make grow, come out, grind away, get hold, filch, rescind, pilfer, rise, draw near, rear, train, reverse, come near, find, educate, bristle, come on, move up, muster up, swot, originate, burst, acquire, scratch, drum, climb, deck out, turn out.

Usage examples: