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Definition of use up:

Synonyms for use up:

erase, swallow, tucker out, film, lead, immerse, eat into, charter, extinguish, take in, down, contain, wipe out, absorb, run through, obliterate, bury, acquire, get hold of, take on, guide, ask, finish, expel, tire, sap, pack, choose, exact, postulate, wash up, corrode, hold, annihilate, remove, cancel out, lease, read, need, worry, release, subscribe to, rust, claim, subscribe, swallow up, call for, concern, require, eat, run out, select, fill, assume, aim, engross, ingest, use, take, squander, consider, convey, demand, pick out, busy, reside, adopt, hire, run down, waste, make use of, tucker, exhaust, eradicate, get, learn, carry off, go through, strike, sweep away, eject, decimate, withdraw, work through, eat on, direct, feed, invade, take away, call, rent, train, deplete, accept, take aim, play out, deal, eat up, consume, contract, polish off, study, employ, kill, carry, admit, take up, bring, lodge in, engage, eliminate, beat, shoot, necessitate, submit, look at, drive, have, discharge, occupy, devour, make, conduct, get down to, interest, ware, involve.

  • consume (part of speech: verb)